Naples Tile & Grout Cleaning Experts

There are few types of flooring that are as efficient, functional and aesthetically pleasing as a beautifully tiled floor. Tile is highly durable and general maintenance is overall pretty hassle free.

Tough surfaces require some pretty tough cleaning solutions when it comes to achieving a deep clean. Grout is porous and over time grout becomes heavily soiled with layers upon layers of dirt, bacteria and grime that does not come clean during routine mopping.

Tile also collects its fair share of layered grime that does not wipe away with our beloved mops. As time continues, grime builds and our once shiny, beautiful tile begins to look dull and old, no matter how much time we spend mopping and scrubbing with household cleaning products.

Your time and energy is valuable and Halo Cleaning Concepts of Naples is here to help you! Our tile and grout cleaning machinery and cleaning technology is fast, effective and gentle on your floors. The gentle scrubbing action of our machines coupled with our powerful eco-friendly cleaning agents dissolve grime and lift it from grout and tile, leaving nothing behind but clean, even-colored grout lines and smooth lustrous tile.

You can save time and money by trusting your ceramic tile cleaning needs to the professionals at Halo Cleaning Concepts. Discover how fantastic the ceramic tile in your home can look after Modernistic’s cleaning experts reveal its original shine after a deep and powerful cleaning.