Naples Carpet Cleaning Professionals

Fresh clean carpets are beautiful and best for your health!

Daily use and foot traffic throughout our homes and businesses leave behind soils, contaminants, allergens and parasites that over time damage the integrity of the carpet fibers and pollute the air that we breathe. Periodic deep carpet cleanings is as essential to maintaining the beauty of your carpets as it is to maintaining the indoor air quality for our families and employees.

Beloved pets leave behind much more than their sweet paw prints on our hearts and homes! Dander, hair and pet messes left beneath the surface of our carpets create a very hospitable environment for bacteria and odors.

Halo Cleaning Concepts of Naples, Florida uses high quality equipment and eco-friendly cleaning agents that are tough on grime, bacteria, viruses and stains and very gentle on materials and the environment. The equipment and green technology that Halo uses lifts soils, contaminants and stains from deep within carpets and extracts them utilizing a minimal amount of moisture. Your Naples carpets are left freshly scrubbed with a light fresh scent and visibly improved.

Many companies in Naples use cleaning methods that inject large amounts of water deep into the carpet and pad and then fail to extract enough of it, which leads to additional carpet ware and tear during the days and weeks to follow. When water and cleaning agents are introduced into an environment without being properly recovered, they create an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Over a short period of time, a wet carpet that seems freshly clean initially, may begin to show signs of further damage, including mildew smell and stains, pet stains that rise from the over-saturated carpet base and pad through to the top of the carpet fibers, and an uneven appearance of the carpet tone and color.

When choosing a professional carpet cleaner or carpet cleaning company, please review their proposed cleaning methods with them before hiring their services. Ensure that your home or business is treated with high quality (and eco-friendly if possible) cleaning agents that will not leave residue in your carpets that once dried, will turn into tiny airborne particles. Please also review their method of washing and extraction (ask them how long it will take for your carpets to dry approximately), this will give you an idea of how much moisture will be left in your carpets.

Halo Cleaning Concepts looks forward to providing your home or business with service that leaves your carpets looking and feeling their best! Please call us today for a service quote or questions about your carpet care needs.