Our Best Cleaning Tips for Anytime of Year in Naples

You love a spotless house—but you don’t want to spend the bulk of your time actually cleaning. Well, fret no more. We are going to give you some advice to make cleaning your beautiful Naples home or business easier, more effective and much less time-consuming, so you can have the best feeling waking into your […]

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

A Cleaner Carpet = A Cleaner Home A professional carpet cleaning can help create a comfortable, cozy look and feel for any homeowner. Residential homes and commercial facilities should have their carpets professionally cleaned and properly maintained regularly to maximize their lifespan. Maximize Your Carpet’s Potential In addition to professional carpet cleaning, Halo Cleaning offers […]

Benefits of Green Cleaning Products and Services

As lives become busier, over-scheduled and more stressful, it’s easy to gravitate towards the latest products that promise to make annoying chores even easier. Need a bathroom cleaner? On your next trip to the store, you grab one of the many bright and colorful bottles promising to be a quick fix. But did you ever […]

Work Smarter: 5 Office Cleaning Tips

You spend 40-plus hours a week in your office, and you’re doing the jobs of two people. It’s no wonder that at the end of the week, you’re searching under piles of paper for your car keys and cell phone when it’s time to go home. A clean office makes for a clear head, but […]